A Musician knows his Music

Are you a budding musician? Learning instruments is one part of being a great musician. You also need to be competent in the various forms of music. Having complete knowledge of your music styles will help you have a complete understanding of music. It gives you a broader understanding of the subject. A good musician will listen to all forms of music and criticize it. This criticism can be both positive and negative. Having a lot of forms of music etched in your memory also makes it easier for you to jam and improvise. Here is a comprehensive list of all forms of music:


  1. Delta Blues
  2. Jumpy Blues
  3. East Coast Blues
  4. Chicago Blues

Classical music

    1. Opera
    2. Gregorian chant
    3. Madrigals
    4. Chamber music
    5. Choral
    6. Symphony

Country music

The music that was developed in the Southern United States is called country music. This music was created in the 1920’s and is usually associated with cowboys. This form of music used electric guitars, harmonicas, fiddles, banjos and acoustic guitars to create their songs.

Electronic music

The term electronic music was introduced in 1942 when a musician named Pierre Schaeffer set up an electronic music studio with the help of recorded normal sounds, speed tape recorders, microphones or phonographs. As the name suggests, electronic music is not associated with sound created by acoustic instruments but they are created by electronic beats.


Jazz music had its origins in European as well as African music. The African American people dominated this form of music and played and were prominent in the Southern parts of the United States. The African undertones are prominent in this form of music.

Latin music

This music has its roots in Latin America. The music is defined by the cultural, background, geography and history mentioned in the music.

Pop Music

The word pop music is confused with the word popular music. This is not so. The music that evolved from the rock and roll revolution that was evident in the middle 1950’s and continues on even today is called as pop music.


This music is distinguished by the powerful bass drums and electric guitars. The genre originated in the early 1960’s and 1970’s widely in the United Kingdom as well as in the United States. This is an aggressive form of music. The lyrics used are provocative, controversial or they can be satirical too.

Rap music

This music has a history in African-American people singing it. This music is generally not sung but spoken in a smooth and fast way to create a music of its own.

These are some of the most important forms of music.