Making it big as a Musician

Do you have what it takes to become a great musician? Making it big means you need you to hone your skills as a musician. We have listed some traits you need to work on so that you can become famous. Striving towards your passion and goal is necessary to be alive in the field and progress as an artist. Dedication is also an important aspect of becoming a great artist. Along with dedication and passion you need to hone some of the following traits to master the art of music:

  1. Love for the art

If you have gotten into this field for the money or the fame you are being fooled. You need to have a desire and flare for the art of music and appreciate good music. You need to listen to various artists and have a diverse taste so that you can appreciate good music. Criticism of all types is essential to become a great artist. You also need to get motivated from the works of the great. You need to think of music from the time to begin your day to the time you sleep.

  1. Memory

Memory is another important aspect of going to the top. You need to have a refined memory to learn new notes, chords and melodies. Retaining everything in memory gives you the advantage of playing without any reference or guide. You are also equipped with notes to improvise. With the notes registered in memory you will be able to play different notes and create new music. Music does not come with knowledge but comes with practice and experimentation. You can create new variations which have never been unfolded before.

  1. Consistency

Consistency is all about reproducing a note or a chord. Consistency cannot be done overnight. You need to have all the chords registered in your memory to be consistent. This comes only with ample practice. You need to practice your chords to master it and consistently reproduce it.

  1. Listening

Becoming a great musician not only implies playing good. It also means that you listen. Listening is paying attention to the close details of your surroundings. This is an important part of playing music in a band. You need to pay close attention to the bassist or the guitarist in your band so that you can rectify your problems and tune your instrument.

  1. Dedication

This is one of the most important traits that will push you to explore new boundaries. You need to be dedicated towards your work and push yourself beyond your limits to find something or create something new.

Follow these tips to become a professional in creating and playing music.


Steps to becoming a great Musician

There are many budding artists in the world who dream about becoming a rock star. You need to take an extra step if you want to come out at the top. There are ways that will distinguish you from other artists. In order to be recognized you need to develop some traits. Here are some of the important traits you need to embed in yourself while trying to make it big:

  1. Rhythm

This is a primary aspect you need to concentrate on. A great musician will always practice his rhythm and master it. Rhythm is a broad subject so let us start at the basics. Unlike what other people think, rhythm is not only playing in sync but it encompasses whatever you play. You need to practice your notes as well as hitting the right chord at the right time. Playing the right rhythm when you are soloing.

  1. Listening

Becoming a great musician also means listening. There is a difference between hearing and listening. Listening means that you pay attention to the close details of the song or the notes in a song. You will need to hone this trait if you plan to play in a band. You will need to listen to the sync of the band so that you can tune your instrument. When you listen to the guitarist or the drummer properly you can find the faults in your play and tune your instrument to play in sync with the others.

  1. Memory

If you plan to be a great instrument player you need to refine your memory with the notes, keys, melodies and chords. The advantage of learning these chords and notes and retaining them in your memory is you can improvise and use variations in your music which leads to new music. The impromptu use of musical notes will help you in creating variations that no one has ever tried before.

  1. Consistency

Have you created a new note or chord that is a perfect melody? Now it is important to master and play it with the same consistency. Consistency means being able to reproduce a note or a piece of work. If you are not so proficient in this department you can practice your notes to master it.

  1. Diligence

Never be over confident of your work. It is always necessary for a musician to be humble so that his mind is open to new music. You also need to be dedicated to your work. You need to push your passion to new boundaries so that you can learn more things and unfold new notes and chords.

Work on these traits to master and hone your skills.