Mental Benefits Of Listening To Music

Reduce stress

You have by now heard of people that relieve their stress conditions by listening to music. The method is quite efficient and really does work. When you listen to soothing melodies the body goes through several physiological processes that end in the production of chemicals in the body that relieve stressful conditions.

Induce meditative state

Meditation is all about achieving a condition where your mind is slow and in a state of peace and tranquility. Listening to slow songs has proven to get your mind in this kind of state. This is due to the fact that the music slows down the speed of brain waves as such you can enter a meditative state quite easily.

Relieve depression

Sometimes you might fall into situations where you find yourself feeling very depressed and down. In such conditions, you will definitely find it soothing to listen to slow uplifting songs. This is due to the fact that the music slowly soothes your mind into a state of relaxation. However, you might not want to listen to hard metal or even techno as in some cases these have been known to increase the depression.

Improve cognitive performance

Studies on behavior have shown that over time people exposed to good songs in the background have been able to perform better in whatever it is that they are involved in. In some research it was seen that test takers exposed to songs were actually able to improve their scores by being able to answer more questions and get more correctly. However, this was only possible if the song was emotionally elevating to the person.

Improve performance in high pressure situations

This is definitely an eye opener for people who are involved in high pressure situations. For instance, in case you are involved in serious sports pressure such as professional basketball, you definitely will perform better if you listen to uplifting songs. Several players have admitted that this has totally improved their performance in the actual games.

Reduce anxiety

We often find ourselves in situations that have us feeling very anxious. In such situations it is best advised to listen to soothing tunes that will help reduce the tension. The songs in this case works just like a massage for the mind and body as a whole. Therefore, the next time you do find yourself in such a situation you should definitely try this out.

Ease surgery

Before patients get on the table, they are usually in a state of great anxiety and even fear. Doctors have shown that exposing pre-surgery patient to slow, soothing songs relaxes them and helps them smoothly get into the surgery. This is also applicable for those just out of surgery as well.


Research Of Music Influence

Over the years the world of music has evolved over and over again to the modern numerous genres. The genres have also acquired quite a fan base with the coming up of numerous music festivals all across the world. This has been capable with the liberal way in which people across the world have taken into songs to ages as young as two years. With quite a following in the world, it’s a bit necessary by now to get an intensive look into the effects that music has especially in the young generation of today.

Unhealthy precedence

Several researches have shown that songs have become much of a priority to teen and younger adults than any other thing. A research carried out by universities such as Iowa and Texas Human Services showed that songs had an obsessive grasp to its listeners. For instance, one of the questions asked was what some of the parties would definitely carry to the desert. Most of the answers were like iPods, radios, televisions and other songs outlets. This is convincing enough that songs has taken an unhealthy precedence in people’s lives these days.

Negative content

Another factor to look into is the amount of negative content in songs these days. It’s surprising that in this modern time, violent and abusive songs is most likely to have more sales than good family songs. This has been proven by the fact that the research found that people that got exposed to such kind of songs tended to listen to more and more and even advance to harder music.

In another study, it showed that teenagers that got more exposed to negative songs ended up having thoughts that were negative. In the research a bunch of students were exposed negative songs with a half of them separately exposed to positive songs. In the end the two groups, were involved in a questionnaire that involved the answering to words that had been not completed. The group that was exposed to negative songs showed to have been more inclined to negative solution to the questionnaire than the other group.

Liberalization of violent behavior

The research also included research into the songs as well. Several instances showed the deceptive lie behind most of the violent songs available on the internet today. This was evident by the fact that the songs involves the encouraging belief that violent reaction to society is the best way to express ones inner emotions. With most teenagers going through a rebellious time in their lives, this sort of songs is like a haven for them.

The trend has been proven by the fact that most teenagers in developed liberal countries are mostly found in gothic communities or even cults. With such findings, it’s important to ensure that we monitor the type of songs we listen to and expose the young in society to.


How Musicians changed the World

Music can touch your inner self. This is one of the most powerful forms of art that has the potential to change the world. Over ages people have used this as a medium to touch the lives of others. Musicians have come from various walks of life with diverse cultural backgrounds to have an impact on the world. Music has been used as a platform to convey messages. Satirical songs have been used to condemn people as well as governments. Here are some ways musicians could change the perceptions of people as well as have an impact on the world.

  1. Delivering a message

Musicians have taken the stage to deliver messages to the crowd. They have made use of their songs to tell people how they feel about the world and what needs to be changed about the perspective. Bands have used the power of music to change the life of people. Various NGO’s in Africa have used music as a medium to bring about changes in the lives of the people living there. Music is not only about cars and women but music can also make a profound statement. Music in many parts of the country was used to describe corruption, the government and social changes that need to occur

  1. Music for social change

Music can also be used as a medium to bring about social change. A clear example of this is the result of music in South Africa. Many immigrants in South Africa face harassment and discrimination. Many groups in South Africa have resorted to music to bring about a change in social status of people as well as to spread awareness. Similar to this there have been various messages sent to public through the medium of music. It is the responsibility of musicians to create such music that can affect the lives of people in a positive way and help them change.

  1. As a platform

Music is a platform for people to showcase their talents. Musicians need to take the initiative to address huge crowds that gather for concerts and advise them on the social changes that need to be done. These artists can also send a strong message to their fans. With such a huge crowd following they can have a huge impact on people.

  1. Music for unity

People sing and dance in sync with the music played. This gives a sense of unity in people. This unity can be further used to make this world a better place to live in.

These are some of the best ways music has impacted the world. We need to give credit to the musicians behind this initiative and applaud them for their work.