How to be a good musician

Being a musician does not only entail that you play your instrument well or you are fond of your instrument. Being a musician also means that you can understand, perform, play and understand music. If you need to be a good artist you also need to show your dedication towards music. You can never be biased towards any particular format of music but on the contrary you need to have a variety of interests. You also need to show your dedication by practicing music not only as a hobby but also as a profession. Here are some tips on excelling as a great performer:

  1. Learn more about Music Theory

You need to have a deep understanding about the music culture. Also you need to devour literature on music so that you have a deep understanding about the subject. Most of the great musicians have an inbuilt ability to perform great music but if you want to make it to the limelight you need to be well versed with the chords and notes of the instrument you play.

  1. Play with other people

Never go solo. Playing in a band will help you realize your faults and imperfections. You will be able to get in sync with the chords that other people are playing and it gives you a feeling of togetherness of music.

  1. Learn more than one instrument

You may be a master of one instrument, but can you play another instrument? The point is not to be proficient in all the instrument just as the saying goes “Jack of all trades is a master of none.” You need to try your hands at other instruments because you get a feel of the music of other instruments which will help you synchronize your music when you jam with your band. But the most important point is that you need to perfect your primary instrument before learning a new one.

  1. Perform

Make sure you perform excessively. Performing is a type of practice. You will hone your skills if you perform with your club. Without performing you will never realize your mistakes and faults. Performing will chip away your imperfections and you will also chase away your stage fright.

  1. Experiment

After learning all there is there to know about your instrument, you should move on and express yourself with your instrument. All great artists have done exceptionally good music because they experimented and achieved what no other ordinary artist could. Never worry about the unforeseen. Experimenting will help you learn new melodies and notes which you can compile to use in your music.

These are some of the ways in which you can become a good musician.