Mental Benefits Of Listening To Music

Reduce stress

You have by now heard of people that relieve their stress conditions by listening to music. The method is quite efficient and really does work. When you listen to soothing melodies the body goes through several physiological processes that end in the production of chemicals in the body that relieve stressful conditions.

Induce meditative state

Meditation is all about achieving a condition where your mind is slow and in a state of peace and tranquility. Listening to slow songs has proven to get your mind in this kind of state. This is due to the fact that the music slows down the speed of brain waves as such you can enter a meditative state quite easily.

Relieve depression

Sometimes you might fall into situations where you find yourself feeling very depressed and down. In such conditions, you will definitely find it soothing to listen to slow uplifting songs. This is due to the fact that the music slowly soothes your mind into a state of relaxation. However, you might not want to listen to hard metal or even techno as in some cases these have been known to increase the depression.

Improve cognitive performance

Studies on behavior have shown that over time people exposed to good songs in the background have been able to perform better in whatever it is that they are involved in. In some research it was seen that test takers exposed to songs were actually able to improve their scores by being able to answer more questions and get more correctly. However, this was only possible if the song was emotionally elevating to the person.

Improve performance in high pressure situations

This is definitely an eye opener for people who are involved in high pressure situations. For instance, in case you are involved in serious sports pressure such as professional basketball, you definitely will perform better if you listen to uplifting songs. Several players have admitted that this has totally improved their performance in the actual games.

Reduce anxiety

We often find ourselves in situations that have us feeling very anxious. In such situations it is best advised to listen to soothing tunes that will help reduce the tension. The songs in this case works just like a massage for the mind and body as a whole. Therefore, the next time you do find yourself in such a situation you should definitely try this out.

Ease surgery

Before patients get on the table, they are usually in a state of great anxiety and even fear. Doctors have shown that exposing pre-surgery patient to slow, soothing songs relaxes them and helps them smoothly get into the surgery. This is also applicable for those just out of surgery as well.