Music In Society


Music has been a part of society for ages. Over time songs have found application in almost all aspects in the society. No one can really deny the amazing need for songs in the society and its ability to invoke emotion from all. In most cases it has been termed as the world’s universal language, evident by how it is possible to unite people from all walks of life into a similar opinion.

Music as a mirror

Most of the times the song types and message is usually influenced by the society in which it is composed. Whatever the genre the song might take, the message is usually derived from the surrounding of the composer. As such, in most cases music acts as a reflection of what goes around in society. Therefore, you can easily learn a lot about a people by listening to their songs. On a global scale, the songs have taken the same kind of trend as well. Most international artists tend to sing about the current conditions in the world.

Emotional outlet

It’s a common expression to hear someone tell you to sing your heart out. Songs have been a way of expressing emotion for centuries. It’s more of an outlet that lets you express what words cannot really put into context your feelings.

Scientific research has shown that human beings are rooted in songs. This is evident by the fact that songs show to evoke emotions in all kinds of people. Even in our younger years, it has been seen that children tend to respond to songs and beats. In a way, songs are a way in which children can connect unfamiliar emotions and even in later cases songs are used as learning tool for children.

There is also segments of music that exist to get an emotional response.  Such as Punk Rock.  The entire movement was youths thumbing their nose at the older generation.

Influence inner dialogue

The inner dialogue is a part of us that exist unconsciously. This part of ourselves is responsible for all the planning of activities and even the worries we have about everything that is involved in our life. This part of ourselves is usually uncontrollable. However, song composers and specialists have shown that listening to songs does influence this part of us and can even influence it to a specific way of life. In cases where some have been able to stop the inner dialogue, individuals have described the feeling as having a greater awareness of themselves and the world around them.

Spiritual connector

For ages we have been aware of the fact that songs are capable of evoking a certain state of spiritual awareness. Believers from all religion can agree with the fact that the right kind of songs can induce a certain altered state of consciousness in which the parties can connect with a spiritual being or reality.