Research Of Music Influence

Over the years the world of music has evolved over and over again to the modern numerous genres. The genres have also acquired quite a fan base with the coming up of numerous music festivals all across the world. This has been capable with the liberal way in which people across the world have taken into songs to ages as young as two years. With quite a following in the world, it’s a bit necessary by now to get an intensive look into the effects that music has especially in the young generation of today.

Unhealthy precedence

Several researches have shown that songs have become much of a priority to teen and younger adults than any other thing. A research carried out by universities such as Iowa and Texas Human Services showed that songs had an obsessive grasp to its listeners. For instance, one of the questions asked was what some of the parties would definitely carry to the desert. Most of the answers were like iPods, radios, televisions and other songs outlets. This is convincing enough that songs has taken an unhealthy precedence in people’s lives these days.

Negative content

Another factor to look into is the amount of negative content in songs these days. It’s surprising that in this modern time, violent and abusive songs is most likely to have more sales than good family songs. This has been proven by the fact that the research found that people that got exposed to such kind of songs tended to listen to more and more and even advance to harder music.

In another study, it showed that teenagers that got more exposed to negative songs ended up having thoughts that were negative. In the research a bunch of students were exposed negative songs with a half of them separately exposed to positive songs. In the end the two groups, were involved in a questionnaire that involved the answering to words that had been not completed. The group that was exposed to negative songs showed to have been more inclined to negative solution to the questionnaire than the other group.

Liberalization of violent behavior

The research also included research into the songs as well. Several instances showed the deceptive lie behind most of the violent songs available on the internet today. This was evident by the fact that the songs involves the encouraging belief that violent reaction to society is the best way to express ones inner emotions. With most teenagers going through a rebellious time in their lives, this sort of songs is like a haven for them.

The trend has been proven by the fact that most teenagers in developed liberal countries are mostly found in gothic communities or even cults. With such findings, it’s important to ensure that we monitor the type of songs we listen to and expose the young in society to.